What is Transition?

The Transition movement is a community led initiative in a positive response to the increasing pressures of climate change on our lives. It aims to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels through:
·       Greater connection with our neighbours building resilient local communities
·       Localised economy - buying local goods and services from local people
·       Greater self sufficiency - from growing your own food to generating your own electricity
·       Reducing the cost and environment impact of fuel bills and transport
·       Reducing our waste through recycling and up-cycling
·       Re-using and sharing products and skills

The focus is on positive small steps we can take that will make our local communities stronger and less dependent on external supplies of goods and services brought in by fossil fuels 

Visit the Transition Network website for more information 

Watch Rob Hopkins (Founder of the Transition movement) talk on 'The Power Of Just Doing Stuff' which sets out many of the principles of the Transition movement....